Close up of velvet and silved colors of Syngonium wendlandii foliage

Welcome to BMBO Plants!

BMBO Plants is a small-scale online house plant shop, that strives to create a business that not only provides exeptional plants and goods, but a wonderful experience for all their customers. BMBO Plants focuses primarily on selling seeds, cuttings, and baby plants along with boutique hand crafted goods, planty merch, and plant care items for plant lovers of all levels and interests.

BMBO: Prounounced "bimbo"


    If you've found your way here, then I think you might love plants as much as I do! If you do a little window shopping of our plants, you might just be able to check a wishlist plant off your list or find a new favorite.


    We all want our plant babies to be the happiest and healthiest they can be. From the best soil mixes, to nutrition, to cleaning, and prevention, see what plant care products we have to help you best grow your plant babies.


    How else are people going to know plants are your whole personality... with plant merchandise of course. This section of BMBO Plants is a work in progress, so if you have any ideas or requests, send them our way! We would love to hear them.

Who's BMBO?

Easy peasy. "BMBO" are the intials for Breeann Marie Birr de Oliveira, the person behind all the plants. Plants are her passion and sharing that with you is the ultimate goal of this business. One cornerstone of her plant philosophy, is that it shouldn't matter how big or small, cheap or expensive, common or rare... if you love a plant, then that’s the plant for you. And this is why BMBO collects and shares plants of all varieties with others on this site; in hopes that other plant lovers will also be able to grow a collection they truly love.

Current Favorite Plant: Alocasia Melo